Cycling moves more people faster, more cheaply, and using less space, than any other mode of transport. A 20min ride can take you six kilometres with ease.
Intrinsically, it is open to anyone, of any age, and is both safe and healthy.

When riders are denied a lane of their own and are forced to share the road with cars, trucks, and buses, it becomes slower, deeply unhealthy and potentially lethal. It ceases to remain open to children.

Despite the fact that a cycle-way can carry as many people per unit aperture as a fully utilized bus service, but at four times the speed, a fraction of the cost, and with no pollution, investment in Britain has been minimal at best.

The bike retains much of the appeal of the car, in that it is private and convenient. There’s no need to wait for service or connection, and it’s open to self-expression. But you don’t need a licence, insurance, a garage, or to fill a tank each week. And you get all the exercise you need, without finding time and money for a gym.

It’s also fun.