A Cost Too Great

A rose memorial

A rose memorial

We all carry on with our lives assuming it will never happen to us. Sadly, for some of us, that assumption is broken.

The fact is that we are more likely to suffer death or serious injury on the road, as a result of a collision, than by any other means. Even disease now takes a back seat.

While we refer to them as ‘accidents’, the rules of the road, never mind the liberties taken with them, make collisions inevitable. If they can happen, they will, and do.

Road accidents are not an inevitable part of life; nor are they rare. They happen, and happen frequently, because of our choice in transport, or perhaps the lack of it.  All to often, they happen to the innocent, including children.

The scale of the problem cannot be expressed by merely categorizing and counting things, such as “disability-adjusted life-years”. We, who bring about the risk, owe it to our victims to at least try to understand some of the consequences of a road accident.

To that end, The Cost of the Car includes three short stories which describe the effect upon fictional characters of very real accidents. Read them, and then consider whether there might be a cheaper way to get around.